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Ultrasound Echocardiography

Ultrasound Echocardiography

This study is not painful, and effective in diagnosing blockages, calcifications, thickening of the valves, detecting regurgitations, duplex color, measuring speeds, measuring the atria and ventricles, among other things. It takes no preparation, its duration is approximately 30 minutes.



* Obtaining the results

* A radiologist (a doctor specially trained in reading and interpreting radiological and ultrasound images) will interpret the results of the ultrasound and give the information to your doctor, who will review the results with you. If the results seem abnormal, the doctor may request other tests.

* In an emergency, the results of an ultrasound can be ready quickly. Otherwise, they usually take 1 or 3 days. In most cases, the results can not be delivered directly to the patient or family at the time of the examination.


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